Make Theory Make Sense

Theory Logic gives musicians of all levels a complete understanding of music fundamentals without a focus on memorizing numerous isolated concepts. In Theory Logic, we learn how to apply critical thinking to the world of music so everything we learn connects with the next. 


Why Theory Logic is Different


Many music theory textbooks, courses, and classes are not only dry, but also tend to move from one concept to the next without a unified fundamental way of learning (I know, I've been there).  

To be 100% honest, music theory always came easy to me. But many of my fellow classmates in college were not so lucky. Upon tutoring many them I learned there were many gaps in their musical understanding that the classes simply didn't address. 

The same can be said for my experience as a private instructor, and, once again, the path to greater understanding for these students was a clear understanding of the basics... all of the basics!

That's where Theory Logic has the edge. Let's study only a few basic concepts first, and build logical connections to more advanced concepts. Memorize less, think more!


Learn Songs Easier

Why learn just one song when you can learn systems that apply to every song!

Be a Better Improvisor

Music is a language, so let's treat it as such. Just as we improvise conversations everyday, let's learn how to do the same with music.

Improve your Ear

The ultimate tool for a musician is, without a doubt, the ear. Theory Logic builds the necessary pathways for extreme ear training. 

Make Theory Make Sense

Your musical revolution is one click away! 


"As a working professional musician, the content in Theory Logic is exactly what is running through my mind any time I'm playing. Laid out in a practical, palatable manner, this course is perfect for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the language that is music."

"It’s something I wish was available 40 years ago when I first started playing."