Fractal Premium Presets

Unleash the power of the Axe-FX III, FM9, and FM3 with awe-inspiring, versatile, and easy to use presets.

Presets for Axe-FX III
Presets for FM3
Presets For FM9

Now with 20 gig-ready presets that cover a wide array of textures, featuring...

  • Low-gain, mid-gain, and high gain vintage and modern amp tones
  •  Variety of styles- Rock, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Country, and Metal
  • FRFR ready, direct to FOH, and stereo set ups
  • Expertly crafted effect routing and switching set ups


Custom FC Layouts!

Each pack contains dedicated layouts for each device to maximize the versatility and simplicity of the Fractal switches for live environments.  


Preset Descriptions...

The Sauce:

It’s great on everything! This preset is my go-to everything-but-the-

kitchen-sink rig. Amps include the AC-20, Band-Commander, BE, and

the ODS for a wide array of tones paired with a variety of effects to

make this the most versatile rig one could imagine.


Tucana Rig:

This rig is based around the Carol-Ann Tucana. The amp block is set

up for a clean channel and two separate drive channels (OD and

Lead) just like the real amp. The amp controls are mapped to the per-

preset perform controls making this a very tactile and “real” amp



Praise and Worship:

All the best of modern Praise and Worship music in this rig! The two reverb blocks make for lush ambient tones that decay naturally when switching scenes. The AC-20 does the work here and scene controllers are used with the Tone of Kings for the drive sounds. Tempo control, scene controllers, and PEQ highs and lows are mapped to the performance controls to make dialingin tones a breeze.



A nod to my favorite childhood band, Blink-182. This preset captures Tom

Delong’s sound using the Solo 100 Lead, Recto, and Class-A 30W. The pitch block, set to scene ignore, is used to detune (for Adam’s Song), and CS1 is set to momentary for a

stack effect on the plex delay for ambient song transitions.



An updated and fully realized rig created form the preset used in my YouTube video. Tom Scholz’s classic “Rockman” sound, plus harmonies, plus a crystalline clean tone, plus a faux 12-string for the ultimate Boston experience.


The Prophecy:

My show preset when touring with The Prophecy Show: The music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The USA Lead takes care of the drive tones along side of the Band-Commander and AC-20 for a clean and edge-of-breakup tone. Pitch takes care of the width and the multi-tap delay adds “huge-ness.” The PEQ is there to wrangle in harsh frequencies when played at high volumes and the high and low controls are mapped to the perform controls.



A nod to Jimi. This rig uses the JM45 for a British edge-of-breakup tone that sounds great with single coils. A Face Fuzz and Octave Distortion are used for drive and take note of the two phaser blocks. One is the classic vibe sound while the other is the Stereo 8-Stage placed after the amp and cab for a new

take on a classic.



Based around the ODS-100, this preset is a club gig work-horse. Deceptively simple clean, drive, and lead sounds paired with a wah, vibe, and boost make a rig that’s no-frills and all tone!







A rig with a more modern flare, this preset features drive tones form the USA Lead and cleans from the AC-20. Pitch adds double-tracked interest while the Tremolo placed in parallel with the pitch block creates a unique and luscious texture.


Ultimate Solo Rig:

The end-all-be-all acoustic rig for the solo musician. A mic is meant for Input 3 (mic preamp needed) and a dedicated compressor, eq, and parallel effects chain are on the signal path. This preset was dialed in with a passive piezo acoustic pickup so settings may vary with active pickups. Input 2 is used for running tracks or music between sets. Effects are controlled with scenes and control switches are used for guitar, mic, or track mutes. The MD: Custom FC6 layout has the controls switches mapped to the FX view.


The Schwartz:

Use the Schwartz, Lone Starr! A preset based around the glorious tones of the Mesa Boogie Lone Star amp. Clean, and drive sounds along with a searing lead tone, and a clean boost thanks to the Klon drive model.



Using the PRS Archon models (one of my new go-tos), this jam-packed preset brings a wide array of drive tones, wide stereo pitched sounds, and massive versatility.


Matched Up:

A new and fresh take on my Praise and Worship preset. Using the Matchless DC-30 model, we have a great edge-of-breakup tone further pushed by the King of Tone and a controller on the amp drive control. Also at your feet is a convenient clean boost and a rhythmic delay set for dotted 1/8 repeats (for 4/4 etc.) and for dotted 1/4 repeats (for 6/8 etc.).



No Scenes! What!? Rather than using scenes to control the preset, this ones focuses more on a pedalboard style approach. Here we have an amp control switch, Blues OD for more gain, and a clever chorus and delay effect with a switchable controller on the tape motor speed for a “broken” Echoplex warble. Use my included layout for

plug-and-play ease.



Saddle up partner! A no-nonsense Country inspired preset. The Band-Commander takes the heavy load here and we use the AC booster (a favorite) for the drive sounds. A healthy amount of compression and a slap-back delay flesh out our cleanand driven lead tones.


XTC (Axe-FX III and FM9 only):

An incredibly versatile preset using the Euro amp models (Bogner Ecstasy). Not only does this preset feature excellent clean and drive tones, but also a wah, vibe, and rotary for a plethora of textures.


Chronos (Axe-FX III and FM9 only):

Another in the Bogner family, this preset uses the Shiva models with a plex-delay for a chilling touch. Pristine cleans and searing leads are the name of the game here.


Odyssey (Axe-FX III and FM9 only):

A tribute to the sounds of Neil Schon of Journey! We use the ODS-100 for epic cleans, as well as the Atomica High and Shiva for different flavors of gain. For massive sustain, we have a compressor after the amp and cab used as the lead boost. The cleans work especially well for single coils!


Andromeda (Axe-FX III and FM9 only):

These tones are out of this world (or galaxy)! The plex-delay stack function can be triggered by a foot switch for luscious pads. Cleans brought to you by the ODS-100 and drive by the new Revv Gen Red!


The Dualist (Axe-FX III and FM9 only):

Two of everything… almost! Two amp blocks used together and hard-panned, stacked drives, and two delays for ambience and rhythmic repeats make this another incredible P&W preset. Matchless on one side and a Fender on the other make this a stereo players dream!


EJ (FM3 only):

Recreating the epic tones and epic rig of the great Eric Johnson. Three switches control clean rhythm, dirty rhythm, and lead- just like in Eric’s own rig. A Twin Reverb handles the cleans, 50w Marshall for the dirty with an accessible flanger, and a 100w Marshall the the mega lead tone with a tube driver and tape delay.


Clean ’N Mean (FM3 only):

80’s in a box! A studio-like direct to console clean tone is paired with a blitzed Atomica high. Pitch detune for epic stereo width and 2290 and quad-tap delays for blissful ambience.


Shivering (FM3 only):

A new favorite amp from the Bogner family, this preset uses the Shiva models with a plex-delay for a chilling touch. Pristine cleans and searing leads are the name of the game here.


Tex-Mex (FM3 only):

SRV inspired tones courtesy of a ’65 Bassman. Use the included layout to quickly access the Maxon 808 and Klon as well as a clean lead boost and Leslie effect.


Monarch (FM3 only):

High class, high society, and highly sought ofter tones. This preset uses the Princeton amp model along with the King of Tone, spring reverb, and tape delay for a truly vintage experience. The master “Lead Stuff”switch engages the filter and lead delay blocks for a boost from any drive state.