How Jeff Beck Gets it Right

a closer look lessons Feb 01, 2023

Not too long ago, we all received the very unfortunate news that Jeff Beck suddenly passed away. I along with so many other players, I'm sure, would say he's one of my absolute favorites. From the inception and height of the British invasion and constantly pushing the envelope forward both musically and guitaristically ever since, Jeff Beck certainly goes down as one of the greatest to have ever existed. Never one to compromise or conform to the norm, Jeff Beck always sounds like Jeff beck and no one else can ever sound quite like him. There's an old saying that goes something like, "If you ever want to meet your favorite guitar player, go to a Jeff Beck concert because they'll be in the audience." So much of that rings true as he is such a big influence to so many players. In this episode let's take a closer look at one of my favorite Jeff Beck moments in a song called "Further Up on the Road" and we'll see how Jeff Beck gets it so right!


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